NOVARES is a brand of Rain Carbon Inc.

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Civil Engineering

For civil engineering, long-standing durability for buildings and construction is most important. Moreover, special work processes (e.g., roof coatings, bridge sealants and industrial floorings) require short application times. High-quality materials with good properties are essential.

Example: New construction, building renovation and building repairs

In systems like floorings and sealants, NOVARES hydrocarbon resins and RUETASOLV have a positive influence on:

  • resistance against water and moisture
  • wetting of pigment and filler 
  • viscosity control
  • flexibility
  • chemical resistance 
  • improved tack
  • customization of reaction time in epoxy-resin formulations
  • VOC reduction

Typical resins for new construction, building renovation and building repairs:

NOVARES LA 100 (P) and LA 300 (P)

  • improved water and chemical resistance
  • viscosity adjustment
  • flexibility


  • low-viscosity, VOC-free modifier for viscosity adjustment
  • improved wetting
  • increased water resistance


The highly polar special liquid resin LS 500 has an accelerating effect during the curing reaction in epoxy systems and offers outstanding performance at low temperatures. In addition, the water resistance, flexibility and wetting behavior are improved. Here are some of the benefits:

  • catalyst for epoxy resins
  • improved chemical resistance to aqueous media
  • increased flexibility
  • curing acceleration of epoxy resins and substitution of nonylphenol

Example: Flooring and Roofing membranes

In bitumen-based materials the aromatic hydrocarbon resins offer the following advantages:

  • increased heat resistance 
  • water and moisture resistance

Typical resins in the field of floor coverings and roofing membranes

  • C 10-120
  • TT 30-140
  • TC 160

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