NOVARES is a brand of Rain Carbon Inc.

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Solvent-based Adhesives

Solvent-based Adhesives are common for

  • building adhesives
  • parquet adhesives
  • furniture adhesives
  • assembly adhesives
  • pressure-sensitive adhesives
  • footwear and leather adhesives 

Solvent-based adhesives must show high initial tack and a good resistance to aging (e.g., assembly adhesives). Parquet adhesives need to provide low swelling and good shear resistance. Additional low viscosity at high solid content is important.

NOVARES resins offer the following advantages:

  • improved adhesion to the substrates and heat resistance
  • increased thermoplastic character
  • lower processing viscosity
  • adjustment of open time
  • ability to use acid or basic pigments and fillers in processing

    Example: Formulation of Carpet Adhesives

    Numerous benefits for the formulation of carpet adhesives. For water and solvent-based adhesives, the tackifier resins NOVARES CA and TNA are proven as alternative to natural resins. Natural resins show no homogeneity and contribute to crystallization. The tackifier resins NOVARES CA 80, CA 100 and TNA 80 exhibit the following advantages:

    • no tendency to crystallize
    • inhibit the tendency of natural resins to crystallize in compounds
    • excellent compatibility with PVAc-polymer solutions
    • uniform product quality
    • increased initial tack

      Typical Resins for Solvent-based Adhesives

      • TN 110-160
        aromatic hydrocarbon resins with good aliphatic tolerance 
      • TT 100-150
        standard aromatic hydrocarbon resins 
      • C 100-150
        pure aromatic hydrocarbon resins (indene-coumarone-resins)
      • CA 80-120
        phenolic-modified aromatic hydrocarbon resins (indene-coumarone-resins) 
      • TNA 80-120
        phenolic-modified aromatic hydrocarbon resins (petrochemical feedstock) 
      • TC 100
        cycloaliphatic aromatic hydrocarbon resin (petrochemical feedstock) 

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