NOVARES is a brand of Rain Carbon Inc.

Novares Portrait

Green Solutions

The development of rubber compounds based on renewable raw materials is increasing as manufacturers and their customers become more focused on producing sustainable applications and end products. Rain Carbon aims to help rubber polymer manufacturers and tire manufacturers to improve their environmental footprint without sacrificing the performance of the rubber compound with a new  petroleum-based hybrid resin using natural oil that replaces the typical process oils used in rubber compounds. Our hybrid resin is characterized by improved compatibility with the rubbery polymer and reduced reactivity during vulcanization.


NOVARES hydrocarbon resins are PAH-free in accordance with EU Regulation 1272/2013. With respect to the GS Mark Rules and EPA regulations, NOVARES hydrocarbon resins are free of 17 PAHs except naphthalene. Depending on requirements, the naphthalene content can also be controlled. 

PAK Tabelle

PAH content of the rubber compound

PAK Gehalt

NOVARES resins do not increase the PAH content of the rubber compound. This is an important aspect of regulatory compliance and tire labeling, especially in the European Union.

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