NOVARES is a brand of Rain Carbon Inc.



Hydrocarbon resins based on petrochemical feedstock

TT resins
NOVARES TT resins are made by polymerizing the full range of unsaturated constituents of the petro-aromatic C9 fraction.

TL resins
Selected aromatic ingredients from the petroleum-derived C9 range are used to make the NOVARES TL resins. The resins show good resistance to UV-light.

TN resins
NOVARES TN resins are produced by the polymerization of specially selected aromatic C9 raw materials and are characterized by very good EVA compatibility and a versatile solubility spectrum. 

TA, TNA and TMA resins
The phenol-modified hydrocarbon TA, TNA and TMA resins are copolymers of petroleum-derived C9 hydrocarbons and phenol.  

TK, TP and TS resins
The aliphatically modified aromatic hydrocarbon TK, TP and TS resins show good compatibility with waxes, EVA and block copolymers as well as a better solubility in non-aromatic solvents and mineral oils.

TM resins
NOVARES TM resins are aromatic hydrocarbon resins based on pure monomers. They are characterized by very low Gardner color numbers and excellent UV and thermal stability. 

TR resins
The copolymer TR resins are cycloaliphatic aromatic hydrocarbon resins with a wide range of applications. 

Modified Resins
Maleic anhydride-modified hydrocarbon resins that show improved pigment wetting in use.


In the adhesives Industry

  • In the case of woodworking hot melt adhesives, hydrocarbon resins of the type TN 110 to TN 160 are suitable due to their very good EVA compatibility at high softening points up to 160° C.

In the rubber Industry

  • Hydrocarbon TT and TD resins of the types are used as dispersants in rubber formulations and provide for an optimization of the physical properties among other benefits.
  • NOVARES TR and TRT resins are used as tackifiers in combination with nonpolar rubbers such as EPDM.

In road construction

  • Various types of the NOVARES T series are used as binders in road construction, including the production of synthetic bitumen.

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