NOVARES is a brand of Rain Carbon Inc.

Novares Portrait

Paints and Varnish

Paints and Varnishes have to serve various purposes, meeting decorative criteria as well as surface protection. Depending on the specification the coating system has to be adjusted. With such demanding requirements the Novares resins are recommended. 

NOVARES resins are used to

  • increase the solid content
  • improve gloss
  • increase high abrasion resistance
  • increase resistance against water and moisture

    Example: Paints

    NOVARES resins are liquids with low Tg but have high compatibility with a variety of chemical macromolecules. In paints, they act as internal plasticizers in the polymer network, reducing the tensile strength while increasing the ductility and flexibility at low temperatures. The high compatibility ensures stable embedding of the products in coating colors and prevents migration.

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