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Adhesives and Sealants

Adhesives and sealants are used in a number of applications, including building adhesives or as joint sealants. Building adhesives combine different materials, requiring good adhesion and strength. Sealants must meet many basic requirements, such as adhesion, resistance to changes in temperature. In addition, they must be compatible with many building materials and have to be weather-resistant and elastic.

NOVARES resins in combination with reactive systems (e.g. epoxy, acrylates, polyurethanes and polysulfides) offer the following properties:

  • water repellency during and after curing
  • increased resistance to water and moisture 
  • viscosity control
  • flexibility in the end formulations
  • improved wetting of fillers and pigments
  • increased chemical resistance

Example: Formulation of Adhesives and Sealants

The liquid resins of the LC series have been developed as modifiers for reactive resin systems based on epoxy resins, polyurethanes, polysulfides and acrylates. They show low viscosity and are available in a wide polarity spectrum.

They exhibit the following advantages

  • low viscosity coupled with a wide range of polarity
  • improved stability against crystallization
  • accurate control of system reactivity
  • accurate control of curing and final hardness
  • improved compatibility due to defined polarity

Example: Bath and Kitchen

In bathrooms and kitchens, there is a strong demand for adhesives that impart heat, moisture and water resistance. The hydrophobic character of NOVARES resins has a positive effect on the water resistance of the adhesive. As a modifier in reactive PU adhesives, they improve the open time and adjust the mixing viscosity.

Typical Resins for Adhesives and Sealants

  • LA 300 (P), LA 700 (P)
    polar-modified special liquid aromatic hydrocarbon resins, light colors (P)
  • LA 1200
    polar-modified special liquid aromatic hydrocarbon resins
  • L 100, L 800
    unpolar, special liquid aromatic hydrocarbon resins 
  • HA 30
    low-viscosity modifier for two-component systems 
  • HA 1100, HA 2100
    special modifiers for two-component systems 
  • H 1100
    special modifier for one-component 1K-PUR-systems 

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