NOVARES is a brand of Rain Carbon Inc.



Carbon-based Indene-Cumarone Resins 

C resins
NOVARES C grades are C9 hydrocarbons resins produced by a polymerization process.

CA resins
NOVARES CA grades are phenol-modified indene-coumarone resins with a polar character and broad solubility and compatibility characteristics.


In the adhesives industry

  • For woodworking adhesives, NOVARES C resins make it easy to set the desired EVA compatibility.
  • Solvent adhesives use NOVARES C and CA resins to improve various product properties.
  • In dispersion adhesives, polar-modified aromatic NOVARES CA resins provide special solubility in alcohols.

In the damping materials industry

  • NOVARES C resins are used to improve the structure-borne sound insulation of materials. 

In the rubber industry

  • In rubber polymer blends, NOVARES C resins serve as homogenizers.

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