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Hydrogenated Hydrocarbon Resins (pure Series)

Hydrogenated Hydrocarbon Resins (pure Series)

NOVARES pure resins are produced with a well-controlled molecular design and a highly efficient hydrogenation and purifying process. They are based on C9 or DCPD/C9 Monomers. Due to the precursor structure, the NOVARES pure series of water-white resins provide a range of polymer compatibilities and can fulfil the requirements of a broad spectrum of applications.


Hydrogenated resins are used for a variety of applications as a main component in formulations or minor additive, when low odor and color, thermal stability and excellent polymer compatibility are required. Their low molecular weight, straight linear structure and aliphatic nature lead to special desired properties in formulations and compounds like adhesion on special surfaces, transparency in polymers and desired viscosities.

In the adhesives industry

Color- and odor-free resins without any negative health impact are increasingly in demand to meet evolving customer and regulatory requirements. Growing demand for specialized hotmelt adhesives has led to additional new requirements related to defined compatibility, softening points and thermostability. Premium NOVARES pure resins have been specifically formulated for these and many other demanding 21st-century product requirements and applications.

  • Food Packaging 
    The very low VOC content of premium-grade NOVARES pure products complies with FDA and different EU regulations and enables the formulation of safe and clean adhesives for direct and indirect food contact.

  • Diapers
    NOVARES pure resins are suitable for every type of adhesive used in diaper production. The odor- and color-free properties of these advanced resins, as well as their low viscosity, make NOVARES pure – especially NOVARES pure 2100 – a superior choice for spray applications.

  • Woodworking
    NOVARES pure grades offer high thermostability and good compatibility, enabling these advanced resins to provide the reliable quality and desired processability required for woodworking adhesives.

  • PSAs
    Fully hydrogenated resins are becoming increasingly popular for pressure-sensitive adhesive formulations. NOVARES pure grades offer superior hydrogenation levels and show well-defined compatibility to the aliphatic blocks. They are the ideal resins for formulating pressure-sensitive adhesives across a broad range of temperatures.

Other industries

  • Coating: 
    In coating formulations, the fully hydrogenated low-polar NOVARES pure resins can be used to modify alkyd resins with long and middle oil length. They improve the UV stability, chemical resistance and solid content of coating formulations.
  • Plastics:
    Hydrocarbon resins are commonly used for the manufacture of plastics and the improvement of film properties in flexible packaging. In polar plastics like PVC, non-hydrogenated resins are compatible and function as lubricant and mechanical modification possibility. In polyolefine-based plastics, hydrogenated resins are the first choice due to better miscibility. In BOPP (biaxially orientated PP film) compounds the highly miscible resin NOVARES pure 1120 shows a strong impact on the crystallization process induced by stretching and promotes the transparency and gloss of the final film. NOVARES pure 1120 also extends the shelf life of packaging and preserves a product´s aroma and freshness by improving the water-vapor barrier. As a result of the hydrophobic property and the filler effect of the low-molecular hydrocarbon resin in a macro molecular BOPP network, NOVARES pure 1120 reduces oxygen and moisture permeability and improves the stiffness and twist stability of a BOPP film.
  • Rubber:
    NOVARES pure resins are highly compatible with aliphatic and high-saturated rubbers like NR, EPDM and HNBR. The incorporation of NOVARES pure resins improves the handling and processing properties of rubber. Due to a high saturation, the hydrogenated resins have low impact on vulcanization properties but improve oil resistance and aging stability of a compound. NOVARES pure resins can be considered as a special processing aid with a very low migration tendency for those rubber products with high safety requirements due to skin and food contact.

Hydrogenated resins are UV stable, clean, safe and broadly compatible with oil, bitumen, SBR and many other low-polar polymers and substances. These characters open a wide range of applications for NOVARES pure resins, including road marking paints, wax and oil modifications and cosmetics.

Rain Carbon recognizes its important role in achieving and promoting ever higher degrees of sustainability. For a reduction of carbon footprint and energy utilization, we offer our hydrogenated resins in molten form, shipping the product in inert, gas-pressurized iso road tankers that maintain the stability, quality and ready-to-use status of the resins for several days while being transported over long distances.


  • Excellent compatability 
  • Water-white color and odor-free
  • Eco-friendly and very low VOC content
  • Superior high-thermal and UV stability
  • Consistent high quality
  • Suitable for food and skin contact, as well as medical applications
  • Available in molten delivery

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