NOVARES is a brand of Rain Carbon Inc.

NOVARES L- und H-Serien

NOVARES L and H Series


L, LA and LS Resins
These are liquid hydrocarbon resins. Products are available with different viscosities and OH content, enabling them to be used as thinners of tackifiers for adhesives and as modifiers and water repellents in combination with epoxy, polyurethane, polysulfide and other binders.

H and HA Resins
NOVARES H and HA products are tar oil- and pitch-free formulations based on hydrocarbon resins. They are used as modifiers for special applications. In epoxy and polyurethane systems, they are an alternative to coal tar and offer improved chemical resistance and increased corrosion protection, among other things. 

LC Resins
NOVARES LC resins are low-viscosity modifiers for formulations based on epoxy resins, polyurethanes, polysulfides and acrylates. 
They are offered with a wide polarity width.


In the adhesive industry

  • Liquid resin NOVARES LS 500 is used as a tackifier in the production of dispersion adhesives.
  • Various resins of the NOVARES H series are used as modifiers in adhesives and sealants.

In the coating industry

  • NOVARES LA 300 and LA700 resins improve the anti-corrosive properties of materials exposed to severe environmental conditions in the offshore sector, among other benefits. 
  • NOVARES L series resins are used for the production of pigment pastes, as they provide high color stability and reduce or completely avoid the use of solvents, among other benefits.

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