NOVARES is a brand of Rain Carbon Inc.

Novares Hygiene Adhesives

Hygiene Adhesives

The use of adhesives is essential for baby diapers, feminine care essentials or adult incontinence solutions. All those personal hygiene products are in direct contact with the human skin. Thus, the highest quality standards are required for the used materials and adhesives. Commonly used are hot melt adhesives based on SBC, m-PO and APAO polymers. The fully hydrogenated hydrocarbon resins NOVARES pure meet highest quality standards and are therefore the first choice for hygiene adhesives and direct skin contact applications.

NOVARES pure Benefits:

  • Promote high tack also on low energy surfaces
  • Excellent compatibility to APAO, m-PO and SBC
  • Water-white color and no odor
  • Approved for direct skin contact

Example: APAO Construction Adhesives
With APAO polymers NOVARES pure resins are highly compatible and deliver the desired tackiness. Their high thermal stability, low odor and crystal-clear color match perfectly with APAO polymers, commonly used for mattress construction adhesives.

Examples: SIS/SBS Diaper Tapes Adhesives
Pressure sensitive SIS/SBS adhesives are commonly used for the construction of diapers. NOVARES pure resins are the best choice to increase the peek and tack. Due to the cycloaliphatic nature they only interact with the aliphatic phase and do not disturb the phase separation of the SIS during cooling.

Typical Resins for Hygiene Adhesives:

  • NOVARES pure 1120, 2100 and 2120
    fully hydrogenated resins with excellent compatibility to APAO, m-PO and EVA

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