NOVARES is a brand of Rain Carbon Inc.

Novares Portrait

Non-Tire Rubber Goods

For technical rubber goods versatile rubber polymers and curing methods are available to fulfill different requirements on chemical resistance, mechanical properties and dynamic performances.

In combination with apolar rubbers such as EPDM, our NOVARES TC and TCT resins show excellent compatibility and an impressive improvement of green tack. For the increase of thermal stability and improvement of mechanical properties of an EPDM blend, our TM 85 AS resin is outstanding.

In combination with high-polar rubbers such as NBR, NOVARES hydrocarbon resins are proven to be useful modifiers for enhanced mechanical properties. Our NOVARES C grades show significant improvements in processing, adhesion strength, wear resistance and thermal stability. The versatility of polymers and processing, as well as the various requirements in this application field, make the selection of appropriate hydrocarbon resins essential.

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