NOVARES is a brand of Rain Carbon Inc.

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Waterborne Adhesives

Waterborne Adhesives are used for

  • flooring adhesives
  • building adhesives

Low VOC waterborne adhesives  (e.g., flooring adhesives) are increasingly requested because they are low in emissions and resistant to aging. The requirements for these adhesives are high. Such adhesives must exhibit an initial tack and good mechanical properties.

What you can expect by using NOVARES resins

  • formulation of low-emission adhesives
  • increased heat resistance, shear strength
  • faster drying for contact adhesives
  • adjustment of initial tack
  • improved peel strength
  • adjustment of suitability for wet bonding
  • improved resistance to water and chemicals

Example: Low emission Carpet Adhesives

NOVARES LS 500, a liquid resin, was developed to formulate low-VOC waterborne adhesives.
It is used as a co-solubilizer for colophony and rosin esters in the production of dispersion adhesives according to Emicode EC1 standards. Its use in acrylate adhesives achieves a significant improvement in peel strength, wet tack and dry tack.

Typical Resins for Waterborne Adhesives

  • LS 500/TMA 20
    liquid tackifier resins based on pure monomers 
  • TN 15
    liquid tackifier resin 
  • TN 80
    aromatic hydrocarbon resin 
  • CA 80 - 120
    polar-modified aromatic hydrocarbon resins, special solubility in alcohols
  • TC 100
    cycloaliphatic aromatic hydrocarbon resin (petrochemical feedstock) 

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