NOVARES is a brand of Rain Carbon Inc.

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Applications in road construction and construction chemistry

NOVARES hydrocarbon resins are used as binders in road construction and construction chemicals. These thermoplastic resins offer a softening point of 140°C.

The following properties can be influenced by the use of NOVARES resins

  • compatibility
  • viscosity 
  • liability
  • cohesive strength
  • aging resistance
  • pigment wetting 
  • penetration

    Application example: Synthetic bitumen 

    Synthetic bitumen is used in roads, bicycle lanes, bus lanes, pedestrian areas and motorway tunnels. The clear binder can be pigmented for aesthetic or safety reasons. This allows clearly identifiable safety areas to be created for road users, ensures better lighting conditions, enhances safety in tunnels, and offers more design freedom for landscape designers and architects.

    NOVARES resins offer the following advantages

    • acts as a binder
    • improves the rheological properties

    Application example: Water-based soil emulsions   

    As binders for water-based soil emulsions, NOVARES resins are primarily used in the construction industry. 

    The acid-modified resins have the following positive properties

    • improved compatibility
    • stronger pigment dispersion

    Typical resins used as binders

    • NOVARES C 140
    • NOVARES TT 140
    • NOVARES T 140
    • NOVARES TC 145
    • NOVARES TC 160
    • NOVARES T 140 M
    • NOVARES TC 145 M

    Application example: Floor coverings and roofing membranes

    In  bitumen-based materials, NOVARES aromatic resins offer the following properties

    • increased heat resistance 
    • water and moisture resistance

    Typical resins for use in flooring and roofing membranes

    • C 10-120
    • TT 30-140
    • TC 160

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