NOVARES is a brand of Rain Carbon Inc.

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Rubber Polymers and Compatibility

Rubber compounds often use blends of several polymers. Due to the different polarity of the rubbers, it may lead to morphological incompatibility. In choosing a suitable hydrocarbon resin, in addition to the proper softening point, its compatibility with the rubber polymer being used is critical. Because of their aromatic character and carefully selected monomer compositions, NOVARES hydrocarbon resins show particular compatibility with a variety of rubbery polymers.

With regard to the chemical classes, the Hansen Solubility Parameters of chemical compounds are commonly used to determine the compatibility.

Hansen Solubility Parameter

The fields of application and positive properties of NOVARES hydrocarbon resins in rubber compounds are numerous. NOVARES hydrocarbon resins acts, for example, as a homogenizer when different rubber polymers are used and can achieve significant improvements, such as:

  • reduced morphological phase incompatibilities
  • better processing properties 
  • improved tear-propagation resistance

As a disperging agent, the benefits of NOVARES resins include

  • improved dispersion and promotion of fillers and powdered additives into the rubber formulation by better wetting, leading to
  • optimization of the physical properties
  • reduced rejects at extruders.
  • reduced of gas permeability especially for thin-walled articles

NOVARES resins can be used in rubber compounds as a tackifier and processing aid to improve

  • adhesion of different rubber polymers
  • processing properties
  • greentack
  • thermal stability

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