Corrosion Protection, Cavity Protection

Corrosion Protection

Industrial plants, vessels or pipelines need a reliable and durable corrosion protection.

Formulating a protective coating is a rather challenging task for the paint technologist. The corrosion protection properties are crucial for the overall-performance of the coating.

The following characteristics can be adjusted by using NOVARES resins:

  • surface tolerance and adhesion
  • flexibility
  • resistance against water / moisture
  • pigmentation

Cavity Protection,
Temporary Corrosion Protection

To avoid corrosion, cavity protection is important for the metal processing industry and especially for automobile construction. The systems have to protect the automobile for its whole life-time.

NOVARES resins improve:

  • resistance against water and moisture
  • heat stability
  • abrasion resistance
  • application properties.

LC – Low Viscosity Resins with wide Polarity Range

These liquid resins were developed as modifiers for reactive resin systems based of epoxy resins, PU, polysulfides and acrylates. From the wide polarity range between 0.5 % and 6.5 % OH content the optimal liquid resin could be selected for different technical requirements. The product viscosities are on a low level and allow development and production of VOC-reduced and solvent-free coatings. Due to increased crystallization stability an easy processing is possible also at difficult climatic conditions.

They exhibits the following advantages

  • low viscosity coupled with wide range of polarity
  • improved stability against crystallisation
  • accurate controlling of system reactivity
  • accurate controlling of curing and the final hardness
  • improved compatibility due to defined polarity

LS – Resin as Substitute for Nonyl Phenol

The highly polar special liquid resin LS 500 shows nearly the same accelaration effect during the curing process of an epoxy system as nonyl phenol.

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