Hydrocarbon Resins

Aromatic Hydrocarbon Resins

TT resins are produced by polymerisation of aromatic C9-fractions. They incorporate the whole range of unsaturated constituents.
TL resins have a feedstock based on petroleum-derived C9-fractions. TL resins exhibit markedly good light resistance compared to the standard aromatic grades.

TN resins are produced from special petrochemical aromatic raw materials. These resins are distinguished by excellent EVA-compatibility and superior solubility in a wide range of solvents.

Phenol-modified Hydrocarbon Resins

TA, TNA and TMA resins are copolymers of phenol and petroleum-derived C9-hydrocarbons.

Aliphatically modified aromatic Hydrocarbon Resins

The resin types TK, TP, TR and TS show better solubility e.g., in non aromatic solvents and mineral oils, and better compatibility with waxes, EVA and other binders.

Monomer based Resins

The NOVARES TM resins are aromatic hydrocarbon resins based on pure monomers. They are characterised by their very pale colour and their excellent UV and thermal stability.

Copolymer Resins

The NOVARES TC resins are cycloaliphatic aromatic hydrocarbon resins that can be used in a wide range of applications.

Maleic anhydride modified hydrocarbon Resins

The resin types T 140 M and TC 145 M are maleic anhydride modified resins than can promote pigment wetting.

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