Rubber- and Tire Industry

Raw materials for tires and technical rubber goods have to meet great demands. Low rolling resistance leads to durability and saves energy, road grip is essential for safety.

Within the rubber industry NOVARES resins are used as, e.g.

1. Tackifier and Process Aid

NOVARES resin types C, TT and TD are used to achieve positive effects in rubber formulations:

  • improved tack of various rubber compounds during assembling of the green rubber good
  • decrease of viscosity
  • improved processability of the rubber formulation

2. Dispersing Agent

The aromatic hydrocarbon resins NOVARES C, TT and TD feature the following advantages in rubber formulations:

  • improved dispersion and promotion of fillers and powdered additives into the rubber formulation by better wetting
  • therefore optimisation of the physical properties
  • reduction of the gas permeability especially for thin-walled articles
  • reduction of rejects at calandars or extruders.

3. Homogeniser

Often blends of different rubber polymers are used in rubber formulations. Due to the different polarities of the polymers morphologic incompatibilities might occur. Using Novares resins the following improvements can be achieved:

  • improved phase morphology
  • easier to processing
  • improved tear propagation resistance.

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