Printing Ink Industry

Aromatic hydrocarbon resins are used in the printing ink industry for the formulation of varnishes mainly in

  • newspaper offset inks, heatset offset inks, sheetfed offset inks,  mostly in combination
  • with a printing ink oil 
  • gravure printing inks.

Particular advantages of using NOVARES resins are:

  • control of viscosity
  • increased solid content
  • increased gloss
  • improvement of pigment wetting
  • increase of pigment adhesion properties
  • adjusting absorption of humidifier
  • adjusting the tack of printing inks.

We offer the possibility to supply the NOVARES resins formulations in a solvent of your choice (e.g. mineral oil, solvent). Please give us a call.

Using premixed resin/oil blends as binders for offset-inks will reduce the overall ink production costs.

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