Woodworking Hot melts

Edge Banding, Surface and Edge Lamination, Profile Wrapping

Woodworking hot melts have to be suitable for different production processes and matched materials. Especially bonding of edge banding and profile wrapping grant steadiness, safety and good appearance.

NOVARES resins will help to meet these needs and serve the development technologist to create improved formulations for demanding applications

The following effects can be achieved with NOVARES resins:

  • improved heat resistance, adhesion and application rate
  • adjustment of hot tack and of rheology
  • adjustment of open time
  • adjustment of EVA compatibility
  • improved resistance to water and chemicals

Due to their very good compatibility with EVA at high softening points up to 160°C NOVARES TN 110 - TN 160 resins are the materials of choice to start with in woodworking applications.

Typical resins for woodworking hot melts

NOVARES TN 100 - 160
aromatic hydrocarbon resins with definable EVA compatibility

NOVARES TS 100 - 140
aliphatically modified aromatic hydrocarbon resins with excellent EVA compatibility

NOVARES TK 90 - 120
aliphatically modified aromatic hydrocarbon resins with very good EVA compatibility