Bitumen Industry

NOVARES hydrocarbon resins are used in the road construction and building industry.

Road construction:

Clear and colored binder for synthetic asphalt

The synthetic bitumen is a transparant binder which can be pigmented for esthetic or safety reasons. To enhance the characteristics of bitumen for road constructions NOVARES hydrocaron resins are used.

Improvement of pigment wetting, adhesion, cohesive strength, durability

Typical resins:
C 10-120, TC 145, TC 160, TT 30-140

Building industry:

Flooring emulsion, roofing felts

Aromatic NOVARES resins offer the following advantages in bitumen-based materials:

  • improved heat resistance
  • resistance to water and moisture

Typical resins:
C 10-120, TT 30-140, TC 160

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